domingo, 2 de outubro de 2016

Triângulo Magazine — setembro 2016

Apresenta-se de seguida a edição online, de setembro de 2016, da revista açoriana Triângulo Magazine.

Haja saúde!

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  1. Since Triangulo Magazine seems to be about tourism, the following might be on topic...:
    Correct me if I am wrong but it seems the rural tourism industry on Pico (and in the Azores) is now essentially prohibited from being green and using off-grid solar power for rental properties!

    The controversial new law decreeing that tourists are too stupid to use GAS for cooking (although most probably use it at home) and that Rental property owners cannot be trusted with ensuring gas appliances are safe, even though everyone here uses gas for cooking and water heating, means that all holiday rental properties are forced to connect to the expensive EDA electricity monopoly for electric cookers (and water heaters?) which require too much power for green solar systems to cope with!

    So much for government helping environmentally responsible tourism and energy diversity...

  2. I forgot to mention that it is also virtually impossible to have a grid-connect solar system (as opposed to completely off-grid with batteries) on Pico either because EDA is incapable/unwilling to supply the specifications of what solar systems they actually allow to be connected.
    I have been trying for years to get the specs from EDA and they simply do not supply the information.


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